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Why I'm building Employbl

Why I'm building Employbl

shared on May 1, 2021

Employbl is a project I've worked on for a couple years now to help candidates find jobs in tech
Learn SwiftUI course

Learn SwiftUI course

shared on Apr 5, 2021

SwiftUI is a relatively new tool to help in building apps for Apple's ecosystem. This looks like an interesting course on how to design and build real apps with minimal coding.
New Republic article on importance of antitrust enforcement

New Republic article on importance of antitrust enforcement

shared on Apr 5, 2021

From 2016 New Republic article: Practically every major American industry has become extremely concentrated, and this creeping monopolization has increased inequality, created economic hazards where they previously didn’t exist, and heightened public anxiety.
Regional inequality in America

Regional inequality in America

shared on Apr 5, 2021

Wired article about how Amazon has made rich cities richer—and also more dystopian. In a new book, Alec MacGillis explores the growing divide between winner-take-all cities and everywhere else, and the ecommerce giant at the heart of it.
Everything is a Remix

Everything is a Remix

shared on Feb 12, 2021

Connecting ideas together can lead to creative leaps. Intellectual property laws are problematic for the common good.
Intro to Advanced SQL

Intro to Advanced SQL

shared on Feb 12, 2021

Tutorial series from Mode Analytics about SQL concepts from basic to advanced
Use the Index Luke

Use the Index Luke

shared on Feb 12, 2021

A site explaining SQL indexing to developers—no crap about administration.
The internet as a knowledge graph

The internet as a knowledge graph

shared on Feb 11, 2021

Diffbot is building the biggest-ever knowledge graph by applying image recognition and natural-language processing to billions of web pages.
Advice To Job Seekers

Advice To Job Seekers

shared on Feb 2, 2021

Emotional balance, resilience and perseverance are essential skills for job seekers
How CVS became a healthcare tyrant

How CVS became a healthcare tyrant

shared on Jan 27, 2021

CVS controls pharmacies, health insurance providers and a Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM). This results in higher prices and worse care for Americans