How Employbl Saved 250 Hours Building Their Career-Matching Database

Published in tech industry, job hunting, on Jan 29, 2021

Fixing tech starts with hiring. And fixing hiring is an information problem. That’s what Connor Leech, cofounder and CEO at Employbl discovered when creating a new talent marketplace meant to connect tech employees with the information-rich hiring marketplace they deserve.

While information like funding rounds, founders, team size, industry, and investors are often public, it can be hard to grab the myriad fields candidates value in a up-to-date format from around the web.

In short, Employbl needed web-wide coverage for large and small tech companies that updated when company sites updated. And they needed this data in a structured format with useful fields users could filter companies with.

Diffbot Knowledge Graph data was able to provide Employbl up-to-date data from across the web including information on funding rounds, investors, number of employees, location, detailed industry data, and more. All details individual seeking to work in tech find important when job searching!

Key Takeaways

  • Though a great deal of firmographic data is public, manual and rule-based extraction is hard to scale
  • Rich insights in firmographic data are a function of how up-to-date, structured, and comprehensive data sources can be.
  • Even a single — if broad — field like tech, can require web data extraction from a TON of domains.

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