Visualizing a Job Search or: How to Find a Job as a Software Engineer

Published in job hunting, on Feb 11, 2021

Very interesting and detailed article about how tech hiring works and how to stay organized in your job hunt!

"This post covers the process that I used, some observations of trying to find a job in San Francisco within the startup ecosystem, the pros and cons of technical interview process, and lastly how I made my choice."

"In total, I communicated with 23 different companies to receive 4 offers to make a single choice. During the process, I was rejected 9 times with the remaining conversations fizzling or being cut off by myself."

  • Time is the number one enemy of both the candidate and the employer.
  • Organization is key, and keeping all companies at roughly the same stage is difficult.
  • Technical interviews are imperfect, but the best tool we’ve got to determine technical know-how of widely different skillsets.
  • Companies ghost on candidates all the time. Rather than cleanly tying up communication, some companies just drift into the ether. (For my purposes, I read this as hard pass.)