How to approach tech interviews

Published in job hunting, on Feb 2, 2021

Great post describing at a high level how to enter the tech interview process. Some notes:

  • Always have a story. It should be obvious to the interviewer why you want to join their company. You should have a genuine story about why the role excites you.
  • Make studying and interview prep as fun and entertaining as possible.
  • There's a difference between interviewing at startups and big tech companies. Plan accordingly.
  • Have a timeline.
  • Know yourself, your interests and what you're looking for in your next role.
  • Companies want passionate people.
  • Think about and consider your past experiences. There are some great prep questions in the article :)
  • Keep in touch with past coworkers.
  • On a technical level study Arrays and Hash Tables. Know hash functions, hash collisions, mergesort and quicksort.
  • Be helpful and help others.