Corporations receive billions in government handouts - subsidy tracker by good jobs first

Published in concentrated corporate power, on Apr 30, 2021

Good Jobs First provides open data about government financial assistance to businesses. There's data on lots of industries. Two I'd like to share: retailing and technology. When Americans talk about deservedness, socialism and assistance to the poor I think it's very important to keep in mind all the money and assistance government pays to businesses. The Supreme Court case Citizens United v. FEC ruled that corporations are people. Are these the people that the taxpayers should be supporting the businesses of the richest men on earth? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Some notable records from the dataset:

  • Amazon: $3,284,807,639 in taxpayer subsidies
  • CVS: $240,680,759 (CVS is a monopoly)
  • Alphabet: $923,824,006
  • Microsoft: $807,954,894
  • Facebook: $785,765,803
  • Walmart: $232,865,966
  • Target: $177,101,520
  • eBay: $125,289,277

And Big Blue (IBM) weighs in at $1,743,417,181 of subsidies from the government.