Privacy, advertising and monopoly power

Published in big tech, monopoly, on Apr 17, 2021

One of my latest guilty pleasures and something I like to nerd out about is concentrated corporate power and monopolies. I read some Marx and Che Guevara after college and I kind of see this as an extension of my poli sci degree tbh. Grapes of Wrath is one of my favorite books. Same with 1984 and most of Malcolm Gladwell :) My two favorites currently are Goliath, a history book by Matt Stoller and the direct to the point Curse of Bigness by National Economic Council appointee Tim Wu.

I've compiled a list of companies that Google owns, these are pretty much off the top of my head. There's currently antitrust suits against Google and FB with government striving to catch up to market action of the previous decades.

Anywho, I'm stoked Statamic, what I use for this blog provides such stellar support for AMP by Google an initiative to basically host the free and open web on Google's servers. The latest straw is that Google is now using browser data from Chrome to sell advertising with an initiative called Google FLoC.

It's something I like to geek out about 🤪. And now for your moment of zen..

Alphabet companies

  • search (1+ billion users)
  • Analyticts
  • Jobs
  • Cloud services (Google Cloud)
  • YouTube (1+ billion users)
  • Gmail (1+ billion users)
  • Android (1+ billion users)
  • Maps (1+ billion users)
  • Calico, verily
  • Waymo
  • Nest
  • Fitbit
  • Chrome (1+ billion users)
  • Display ads
  • Google play
  • Google calendar
  • Google domains
  • Google flights
  • Google fiber
  • Google groups
  • Google news
  • Google play movies and tv
  • Google scholar
  • Google ventures
  • Google translate
  • Google Drive
  • Google Photos (1+ billion users)

For more legit data about companies Google has bought up see the data sources here