Code Interview prep resources

Published in tech industry, job hunting, on Feb 22, 2021

Ah the coding interview. Have you cracked it yet? Do you know how to invert a binary tree? Fear not. With dedication you can study to do all of these things. Here is one of many resources, a resource of resources if you will about preparing for software engineer interviews.

  • Outco: this is a more or less full time program for a month. I've found it helpful so far; I'm still in the program :)

  • Employbl: is a program I'm working on with a small but mighty team. The idea is to help candidates organize their job hunt by providing better access to information, powered by the free and open internet. We have a blog post explaining that there are 2 types of software engineer interviews (opinion).

  • AlgoExpert: 135+ questions and video recorded walkthrough answers, built by an ex Googler. This is a paid product that's pretty awesome imho.

  • I've collected some other resources as an open source list on GitHub. Pull requests welcome ;)