• Employbl.com: Employbl is a hiring marketplace for candidates and companies in the Bay Area. Candidates can search for companies, jobs and upload their resume to create a hiring profile. We're in the process of building out capabilities for recruiters and hiring managers at startups in the Bay Area with more locations coming soon. The site is made out of PHP and Laravel with a MySQL database. Right now it uses Vue.js on the frontend and is hosted on Digital Ocean via Laravel Forge. The blog is built with Laravel Nova on the backend. We use Google Analytics to track traffic and Mailgun for sending emails.

  • linemansmilestones.com: This is a website to sell trophies to linemen. The site is built out of Vue.js and hosted with Google Domains. We're using Google Forms and a Google Forms plugin to deliver emails. Payment processesing is handled with PayPal and First Data.

  • Open Source: Random code I've pushed up to the internet since 2013. Available on the Githubs.