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On Insurrection


insurrection: a violent uprising against an authority or government

I saw this event on facebook. Included is a link to a book, written recently about protest movements and the like


random snippets from

###They Want to Oblige Us to Govern. We Won't Yield to that Pressure - Chapter 2

at its beginning insurrection is the doing of those who are nothing. Everything regarded as marginal, obsolete or without prospects returns to the center… their companion in misery.

exposing of every illusion of social peace. negation of the existing order.

it’s not a people that existed previously but a people that previously were lacking.

Because what was lived throught shines with such a glow that those who had the experience have to be faithfult to it… constructing what was missing from their lives before.

collective power that consigns the ruling power to powerlessness

the insurrections no longer base themselves on political ideologies but on ethical truths.

Far from serving to describe the world, language helps us rather to construct a world.

Truths are what attaches us, to ourselves, to the world around us, and to each other.

When the world is fucked with, it’s we ourselves who are being attacked.

On the Tunisia: Look at us little people barely existing humiliated see how we’re beyond the miserable means by which you bling to your sick man’s power.

Or at the beginning of Occupy Wall Street: “Yo! What up? My name is Mike. I’m just a gangster from Harlem. I hate my life. Fuck my boss! Fuck my girlfriend! Fuck the cops! Just wanted to say, I’m happy to be here with you all”

today’s social movements are about disgust with the life we’re forced to live. disgust with a life in which we’re all alone, alone facing the necessity for each one to make a living… by oneself. The life in common… sadness of metropolitan existence. Grasp our shared condition together, our equeal reduction to the status of entrepreneurs of the self. That existential epiphany was the pulsing heart of Occupy Wall Street, for as long as it was fresh and lively.

And so people here in France can stop whining or crying wolf every time an earnest adolescent chooses to join the ranks of the “jihadists” instead of our suicidal army of wage workers of the service sector.

movements are ethical before being political, or that they are political precisely to the degree that they’re contemptuous of politics, including radical politics.

As long as being of the left will mean denying the existence of ethical truths and correcting for that impairment with a morality that’s as feeble as it is expedient, the fascists will continue to look like the only affitmative political force, being the only ones who don’t apologise for living as they do. They’ll go from success to success, and will go on deflecting the energy of nascent revolts back against themselves.

On european austerity movements: “austerity in countries with a protestant culture tends to be seen as a virtue, whereas in a large part of southern Europe being austere basically means being a pathetic loser”

What is needed for contesting the austerity plans is a different idea of life

it opens one up to a calm discovery of the thousand other ways the “good life” can be understood

Western rhetoric is unsuprising… aspire to democracy.

If for two whole centuries election have been the most widely used instrument after the army for suppressing insurrections, it’s clearly because the insurgents are never a majority.

Like any large scale demonstration [insurrection] imposes its own ways of using public space. Like any specific strike, it is a politics of the accomplished fact.

“popular” comes from the Latin populor, “to ravage, devastate”. It is a fullness of expression

p57 top

p58 hacktivists and real democracy

celebrations and reappropriations of communal life

the assembly is where one is forced to listen to bullshit without being able to reply, just like in front of the TV

people concluded that the assembly had no business validating what any group could do or intended to do, that it was a place of exchange and not of decision. The decisions took, materialized or didn’t; they were never made.

What an assembly actualizes is simply the degree of existing commonality.

The only thing an assembly can produce with the right effort is the shared language of a common experience.

Where the only experience in common is separation, one will only hear the amorphous language of the separate life.

amorphous: lacking a moral sense, unconcerned with the rightness or wrongness of something

Then indignation is in fact the maximum political intensity attainable by the atomized individual, who mistakes his screen for the world just as he mistakes his feelings for his thoughts…

will only expose the paralysis induced by a false understanding of the political, and hence their inability to alter the world’s drift in the slightest.

source: http://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/johnson/article/Sorry-protesters-Oakland-is-right-to-impose-new-6292909.php#photo-7914796

The feeling of collective helplessness after the joy of meeting up and being counted did as much to scatter the owners of those “Quecha” tents as the clubs and the tear gas attacks did.

collective political potential. inhabit spaces

If insurrection has to do with anger at first, then with joy, direct democracy is an affair of worriers. We want to be sure that nothing will occur that is not covered by some procedure. That no event will exceed our capacities. That the situation will remain something we can handle. That no one will feel cheated or in open conflict with the majority. That absolutely no one will ever have to count on their own powers to make themselves understood. That no one will impose anything on anyone.

That’s page 63

source: http://woodbine.nyc/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/To-Our-Friends-Ch-2.pdf

source: http://www.sfchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Oakland-walks-fine-line-on-protest-control-6296626.php

News articles

Oakland November ‘14: http://www.sfgate.com/crime/article/At-least-40-arrested-after-Oakland-protests-5916597.php#item-39786

Oakland May ‘15: http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Bay-Area-protesters-voice-anger-at-Ferguson-5915541.php

etc etc

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