Know SQL in 2018


As a technical recruiter I came across many positions where SQL was a critical skill. To be a Business Analyst, Data Scientist, Backend Developer, Marketing professional or UX Design Researcher understanding SQL queries can be fundamental to your work.

Let me back up. What is SQL anyway? SQL is a query language for talking to structured databases. Pretty much all databases that have tables and rows will accept SQL based queries. SQL has many flavors but the fundamentals stay the same. Professionals and amateurs alike use SQL to find, create, update and delete information from their sources of record. It can be used with a ton of different databases like MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server and Oracle. It powers the logic behind popular server-side frameworks like Ruby On Rails and Laravel. If you want to find information associated with a particular account or query what buttons users click in your app there is a good chance SQL can help you out!

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