Hella Positive in West Oakland


This weekend I went with my family to an event in West Oakland for a Rhymosaurs book launch party at a new shop called Hella Positive. Hella Positive opened its doors last November. It was a really positive event with great artwork and a cool crowd. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Hella Positive in Oakland I suggest you do! They feature events on their Eventbrite page or you can check their website.

Below are some shots of a day out in West Oakland near the BART station.

west oakland map

west oakland artwork

west oakland street art

west oakland revolution

west oakland urban farming

west oakland paint

west oakland garden

If you are looking for a job in Oakland please feel free to check out my side project called Employbl. I’ve mapped out tech companies in the East Bay and plan on expanding the resources available to job seekers in the Bay Area and remote. I’d also like to improve the tools for hiring managers and recruiters so they can find and hire candidates faster and with less expense. The Employbl project is one way I plan on contributing to the Hella Positive movement in Oakland!

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