alright time to start a startup


I'm in week 7 or 8 of RocketU bootcamp and it's time to build some cool shit. We've covered phonegap, d3, angular, django and basic algorithm design using python and javascript. On my own I've also explored the basics of react. There are tons of tools out there. At the end of the day it's about building and shipping product. I need a full stack solution and I'm going to use meteor.js.

If you already love meteor than take this opportunity to look at gifs.

The alternative to meteor for me would be using angular or react. I like that angular has ionic and react has react native/reapp for launching native apps fast. These tools beat out the old hybrid approach using jQuery mobile. I also like that angular especially has a large user community and it is easy to get help. From a technical approach I like how react uses normal javascript all bundled together with html to make components. It takes a lot of work to make things that simple.

However I'm choosing meteor. I don't like how in angular everything has to be bundled in directives. Also there are directives and digest cycles and controllerAs syntax out there as well as major changes coming up for Angular 2.0. I'm building a startup and won't be paid by the hour to debug all that. Angular is a powerful front-end framework, but that's all it is. The simplicity of react puts angular to shame.

React is only the view for application development. Angular provides a full front end framework, which accounts for the added complexity. To add any front end library to your app you have to package it in a directive or use a community directive. It'd be better if I could use the library directly. With react or angular I would still need to build and maintain the whole backend server and the database.

Meteor abstracts away everything. I have only built trivial apps with meteor but have been thoroughly impressed with it. I won't have to set up a django backend or write npm mongoose queries. Everything will be updated with their publish/subscribe philosophy and DDP – i think that's what it's called.

In order to learn the ins and outs of this technology I'll be following the excellent javascript is sexy guide and the eventmind screencasts.

I've learned lots about django and django rest framework. I still love angular and enjoy my flirtations with react. But the clock is ticking, runway's shrinking and I need to get my fullstack built, pronto. Meteor.js here I come.

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